We need empathy, to listen to their fears, worries, griefs, hopes, and dreams…

Yip Chee Hung

Associate Chaplain

Chaplaincy is God’s ministry—Jesus first came to seek and save the least and the lost, and chaplains are called to be His ambassadors: to represent Him and the whole Christian cause by affirming His presence, love, and concern for every aspect of life. Here in the NH, we are in a unique position to provide emotional support and guidance where people need
it most—like Jesus’ ministry, we work largely outside the confines of the gathered community of faith.

I’ve learnt that Chaplaincy requires us to put aside all preconceived ideas or experiences of ‘ministry’. It’s the client’s—in
our context, the resident’s—agenda that’s important, not ours. We need empathy, to listen to their fears, worries, griefs, hopes, and dreams, and provide comfort, counselling, and spiritual guidance as they work through their questions and issues. At the same time, we cannot allow ourselves to make judgments on their behalf. We’re here to help them reframe their stories, to focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses.

There are times when our presence is misunderstood or rejected—often, it’s because the client is dealing with their own medical condition, loss of freedom, autonomy, or independence, and even feelings of abandonment and loneliness. We often end our days feeling both physically and emotionally drained. So I have learnt to lean on the power of the Holy Spirit who sustains,
recharges, and renews me in my own journey of obedience and faith in answering His call. It’s so important to understand that this is the Lord’s ministry, not ours, and love all our team members and work to complement one another. By doing this, we will see the bountiful blessings of God in our lives!

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