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Meet Our Chaplains — Kerine Au

Uncovering Purpose, Upholding Values Kerine Au, Associate Chaplain, Little Seeds Preschool (LSP):  “Chaplaincy is a work that happens outside the church, bridging and connecting her with other institutions—including non-church, non-faith-based...

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Meet Our Chaplains — Jimmy Ong

Open to Possibilities, Seizing Opportunities Jimmy Ong, Associate Chaplain, Boys’ Brigade (BB) & Girls’ Brigade (GB):  “One might say that I stumbled into chaplaincy work, because while it is clear...

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Meet Our Chaplains — Trixie Chin

Prioritising Human Connection Trixie Chin, Associate Chaplain, Nursing Home (NH) & Senior Care Centre (SCC):  “It’s a fact that we become less independent as we age. As such, I’m reminded...

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Meet Our Chaplains — How Kim Chin

How chaplains leverage the power of presence Befriending is the backbone of chaplaincy. Having the mindset that one is here to befriend, and not solve problems, totally changes one’s perspective,...

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