Moving from the Winter block to the Spring block, we continue our tour through the Church Annex. Moving from the 6th level, we walk through Shalom Hall, the Childcare at levels 4 and 5, before ending our tour at level 3.

Join our hosts as they meet with Richard Lau, executive pastor at SJSM Church. Pastor Richard gives us an overview of Shalom Hall, a multipurpose hall that can seat up to 500 people. Room dividers allow the Hall to be partitioned into three smaller spaces, making concurrent separate gatherings possible. The Hall is a shared space for use by the Church, Nursing Home, and Childcare.

We also go right to the top of the building, where a roof garden offers expansive views of the neighbourhood as well as quiet spaces for reflection.

Michael Wong (Project Executive Director) shares stories of thanksgiving from overseeing the design and construction of the new facilities.