Kerine Au

Associate Chaplain

Chaplaincy as a work that happens outside the church, bridging and connecting her with other institutions (including non-church, non-faith-based ones) by demonstrating God’s love through practical care and comfort, praying over them, and leading them to an awareness of a God working in the background.

My involvement started when I was a GB captain, working closely with and being cared for by the GB chaplains.I was working part-time in Junior Church, helping with LSP’s beginning, when I felt God prompting me to reach them. Then Ps Alvin called me and asked me to pray about it. It took some time, but eventually I responded to God’s call in obedience, went full-time, and got into chaplaincy.

The focus of chaplaincy is to explore faith with those we work with. Our presence reminds them—the kids, their parents, the staff—of our purpose in life and the core values LITTLE SEEDS PRESCHOOL (LSP) that we carry, even as we work to provide them with pastoral care and build a vibrant community outside of the physical church. I do devotionals with the teachers to encourage them and remind them that their work is worthwhile; chapel sessions with the kids are geared towards spotlighting and inculcating values from Bible stories.

Of course, LSP being faith-based and part of SJSM Village makes things much easier. Working with MOE requires us to keep anything faith-based outside of curriculum time and optional. And non-Christian parents and GB members can vote with their feet. But I’m not discouraged by such challenges. I know that our battles are spiritual, not physical, so such things actually encourage and strengthen my faith and my resolve in the value of the work we do. God has showed me many times how His timing and His leading is always perfect. Nothing we prepare is wasted.

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