Jimmy Ong

Assistant Chaplain

I served as a BB officer and a BB Captain, first with Henderson Secondary School and then at Fuhua Primary School (FPS), before becoming an Assistant Chaplain. Prior to taking on the chaplaincy role and assisting with the GB Companies in FPS and West Grove Primary School, I didn’t know much about chaplaincy, so the learning curve has been pretty steep.

These days, I provide spiritual covering for all the captains, officers, volunteers, and our boys and girls through prayer and discipleship. Building relationships takes time and effort, especially when one needs to bridge differing points of view and work within the limitations of being a Christianbased ministry operating in a secular environment under secular authorities. We hold meet-ups with parents, as well, to try to win their understanding, trust, and support.

Serving in this ministry has taught me a lot about myself; coming to terms with my weaknesses and recognising and developing my strengths. I’ve learnt to listen intentionally. While evangelism is prohibited, we occasionally have students ask us directly about our faith and we can then follow up outside of curriculum hours. I’ve found that such things happen when we are not expecting them! It’s how God shows me His presence in our midst. This inspires us and keeps us going, even though the going is tough.

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