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SJSM Village Virtual Tour
After an eight-year journey from conception, to planning and completion, the SJSM Village is now ready to welcome its community of preschool children, nursing home residents, visitors and volunteers.

We are glad that you have visited us here. Join us for a virtual tour that will take about half an hour in total if you view all the videos. You may pause and return at any time to continue where you left off.

St.John's-St.Margaret's (SJSM) Village


TAKE ME THEREThe tour begins at the driveway in front of Glory Sanctuary, the historical site where St John’s Garrison Church used to meet. We then proceed with a walkthrough of the Nursing Home, followed by visit to the Church Annex and Childcare Centre.

Volunteers' Lounge

TAKE ME THEREOur volunteers and servers are the heart of how we care for the residents of the Nursing Home. The Volunteers’ Lounge is where these teams of dedicated individuals will be able to meet, rest, and coordinate their service of love.

Senior Care Centre

TAKE ME THEREThe co-located Senior Care Centre (set to open in early 2022) will be able to support seniors living in the community with multiple care needs, and provide respite to their caregivers. Its services include day care, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy, to support ageing-in-place within the community.

Dementia Ward & Herb Garden


TAKE ME THEREOur professional medical staff and trained caregivers work within care facilities that are designed along a cluster system, with clusters of 3, 4, 5, or 6 beds with adjoining communal areas. Homely amenities and soothing interiors support positive outcomes for the well-being of its residents. The therapeutic rooftop herb garden has been set up using evidence-based design principles that incorporate elements to meet the needs of the elderly.

Connecting Walkway (L4 Bridge)

TAKE ME THEREThe Spring and Winter blocks are connected by a walkway at level 4, with planter boxes and open areas. It directly connects the Nursing home to the Childcare Centre and creates a convenient link so that young and old can interact regularly.

Nursing Home Staff Dorm

TAKE ME THEREDormitory accommodation for foreign staff is provided on the 11th floor of the Nursing Home block. Each of the East and West wings of the dorm has its own staff lounge, where nurses may rest and relax while enjoying probably the best views in the building.

Multipurpose Hall

TAKE ME THEREShalom Hall is a multipurpose space located at the 6th floor of the Church Annex. Able to seat up to 500 people, the hall can also be partitioned into smaller spaces for more intimate gatherings. It is equipped to support the needs of meetings, services, and gatherings by the Church, Nursing Home, or Childcare Centre.

Childcare Centre

TAKE ME THEREThe Childcare Centre has been made possible through the close partnership between SJSM Church and Anglican Preschool Services. Little Seeds Preschool (SJSM) operates from levels 4 & 5 of the Church Annex, offering its reputed curriculum for preschool (18 months to 6 years old) children.

Community Hall

TAKE ME THEREThe Community Hall at level 3 is a flexible space that opens up to its external surroundings. It is equipped to support various types of gatherings, and is a welcome return of what was previously called the Breakfast Hall, a site of many fond memories among SJSMers.

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